Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Guilty Pleasures...

 Hey guys

thought I’ll post something quickly before heading out. Yesterday turnt from paying a bill to going shopping and ending up with bags!! NIGHTMARES sometimes especially as I know money is tight untill the end of this week!! That’s where my guilty pleasure lies!! I went to 2 shops yesterday Primark and Topshop, and at the end of it ended up walking away with 2 full bags and the pleasure of being a Topshop Credit Card holder!!

The 1st stop was Primark. With intentions of only buying some tights that I need I ended up with a cute pair of wedge booties and some feather earrings!(and still no tights) I also saw this amazing grey leather messenger bag but thought if I had picked that up that would have been the start of picking everything else up so I just went with the shoes (that I found in the sale) and the earrings (I got this thing for feather earrings these days)
 Tan Wedge Booties £8 from £14
Cream Feather Earings £2

Walking on the way to Topshop I had a quick stop in Superdrug where I found these Cute Pinks from the Make-Up stall MUA!! Only a £1, yes I know what you’re thinking but I’m experimenting with the whole make up thing and they are great!! Only thing is it does stain the lips slightly all depending on how rich you want the colour to sit on your lips.

MUA Shade 3 & Shade 4- £1

Now this is where the trouble or should I say "fun" begins! Walked into Topshop went straight for the accessories! Found this amazing necklace, well amazing to me! with that found this blue simple chiffon shirt with cream spots only in a size 16, looked overly big for the style, wanting the shirt I put my fashion and styling skills to the test, knowing that I’m short I’ll wear the shirt like a dress with a belt and some tights bada bing bada boom! Wouldn’t of taken a mastermind to style that up lol but I grabbed the shirt anyway and that’s how I’ll wear it! Then found my way downstairs in the small store in Strand looking at more accessories when I found the earrings I’ve been looking for, for sooo long, Triangle gold studs! I could go on with the list and the amount of things I was picking up but I’ll show you pictures of my Topshop collections:

 Peacock Feather Necklace- £12.50
Triangle Studs- £7.50
Tights- £8
Bag- £40
Purse- £18
 OMG T-Shirt- £22

Chiffon Polka Dot Shirt- £32

And with that ended up buying everything on my new Topshop Credit card that I Signed up for!! As a 1st time buyer with the card they did give me 15% off my purchase! So that’s my latest buy guys, my guilty Pleasures of the week!

Love and Pink Kisses


  1. I love everything you got, very fashion forward. How are you going to wear those shoes?

  2. Thank you! Im not even sure yet lol but I know I'll be able to Think of something, right now im thinking Skinny Jeans and a tucked in Baggyish T-shirt with a clutch the same colour as the shoes!! I'll keep you posted when I wear them!