Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Hey! Whats in those bags?? ...

Hey peeps,

Again i know it's been a long time since I’ve blogged but I promise I’m going to "try" and keep up with it. There’s so much that you've missed out all due to me not having a computer (still need to get it fixed) but now that I got hold of a laptop I thought let me quickly post my latest buys.

Last week when the sun was at its peak decided to go shopping with a friend up west End. I must say I enjoyed the experience to the fullest, so much in fact I fell straight asleep! lol I mean it had been such a long time since I’ve had the chance to go shopping and since I had the time that week I thought lets go.

So anyway I made my friend get up at the crack of dawn because I wanted to go Primark and I can honestly say I can't do Primark after 10:00, gives me a headache!! So basically we started from the bottom right up to the top and grabbed some lunch in the middle (well sort of in the middle).

Well here are the few things that I bought:

Shoes- £24.99

Jumper- £16.75
Dress- £16.75

Belts- £7.99
Glasses- £5.99
Trousers- £12.99
Blazer- £19.99

Bodycon Dress- £14.00
Loose Top- £18.00
Pencil Skirt- £25.00
Shoes SALE- £5.00

Jeans- £9.00
Skirt- £12.00
Jacket- £18.00
Top- £8.00
Scarf- £3.00
Horn Necklace- £2.50
Holly Fulton Style Necklace- £3.00
Tribal ring- £2.50
Brouges (both Black and Tan) £8.00 Each
Bag- £8.00

Shorts SALE- £9.99
( The shorts are not actually my size I was just feeling really creative at the time and wanted to customise some shorts so I bought them! I'll keep you posted with that)

So thats it, My little buys of last week. I'm trying to update my wardrobe and also involve some A/W as I don't really do winter wear I usually do summer and just add layers and thick tights if need be, but this year I'm taking a whole new approach to my wardrobe. I have ordered a few more things from H&M online so when that comes i'll show you more of my treats!.

Stay fashionable till the next time
Love and Pink Kisses