Thursday, 17 February 2011

A Day of Many...

Morning Breaker...
Hey guys,
Today hasn't been the best week for me at all, I feel that I’ve received one bad news after the other and on top of that my laptop won't turn on! ANGER STRIKES!! I’m soooo frustrated with the damn thing! So I guess I’ll be trying to get some overtime at work to save up enough money to get a new laptop if I can't get my other one fixed!

Today has been a little dark for me, stressed isn't the word to describe how I’ve been feeling this week but I’ve always had this thing about me to not think about the stressful stuff and stay happy and positive but that’s a lot of years of backed up emotions and yesterday I think I hit the peak! Being strong is usually my strong point but I felt as I’ve come to the end of the road! This morning I woke up feeling slightly better and a little stronger and with and with this decided to be strong for me as well as my friends, family and supporters.

Wasn't really in the mood today to do that whole dress up fiasco (due to my mood also) so I went for the black on black look! Yes I did all black today but decided at the last minute to chuck in a denim shirt (It was a little cold outside today and I need that extra layer so let’s call it a part black outfit). Played around with my camera on my iPhone today and downloaded this really cool photography app and have had a field day with all the filters and styles of classic effects, so don't be surprised if most of the photos that I upload from now on have that classic, vintage looking effect on them lol. Well here are a few pics that I took today! Hope you enjoy!! Will blog about something more uplifting soon sorry guys just one of those days! = ( 

Love and Pink Kisses

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