Friday, 4 November 2011

Pure Gold...

Hey Hey Huns,
Just thought to post a quick something showing you my new LOVE of the week! BarryM's very own Gold Nail polish! I went to Westfield Stratford with a friend on Wednesday (very disappointed) and had a look around before we caught a movie. I have this thing about painting my nails now (used to hate painting my nails as every time they get painted not even an hour and they chip! AAAAAH!!!) So thought to buy some polish. I love BarryM for the colour and that’s when I came across the nail Effect Gold!! (Also available in Silver) As soon as I Got home Painted my nails straight away with excitement...

Being in a creative mood I also decided to use BarryM Black crackle effect on a finger, just for the fun and to add that unique-ness on my Pure Gold nails!

Love and Pink Kisses

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