Monday, 14 November 2011

One night only...

Hey Hey Huns,
Alot has gone on and is going on from last week to this week, you could say for once im a busy bumblebee lol! But I'll be uploading some of that hopefully sometime next week!! Bad news after getting my laptop fixed it has died on me YET again! Guess its its time to start saving for a new one!! = (

But anyway today has been a lazy day and last min dot com decided to go to the cinema's to wat Immortals!! (must say EXCELLENT film) felt in the mood to dress up a little,slightly nothing to fancy so chucked on a white shirt jeans and a pair of Black wedge boots with my famous Leather jacket that comes like my 2nd skin lol... nothing fancy but just for one night only felt like being a little extra!

Love and Pink Kisses

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