Friday, 28 January 2011

N.I.K it up!!.....

My sister from another mister Nikita (above) doesn't only look at just her styling but the beauty of how nails top off the outfit.

"When I do my nails I think about the season and the weather, if its cold I usually use dark colours but towards spring/Summer thats when the bright colours come out, but it also depends on my mood!!.
I like using designs I may have seen already but add my own twist on it and I normally put a design on my ring finger if I do add designs.
I change my nails more or less everyweek, I hate to see nails not done and looking decent. My nails have to ALWAYS look on point because it doesn't feel right if their not, LOL!
Sometimes I like subtle designs but my character prefers the bold and bright colours, designs and styles. At the moment im loving the OPI nude called Samoan Sand.
  I feel that fashion is not just the emelemts that we wear but our complete image from head to toe, and if it takes me that extra few hours a week to paint a coat of Mint green or lavender Lilac on my nails then so be it if im going to do fashion i'm going to do it right and my nails complete my image and hope you think about the colours you decide to wear next! = ) "

Here are a few of Nik's Nail designs:

Black Flash
Lilac Nail Dot

Mellow Yellow
Multi Dot
Pink Crakle Pop

Bling Bling Finger

Red Tan
Silver see Silver Blue

Love and Pink Kisses

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