Sunday, 23 January 2011

Boots are made for Walking...

Having no money usually leads me to window shop, so while relaxing I thought to have a quick peak at one of my favourite online stores Asos. I am a total shoe lover so the fist place I always look is the shoes! most times I base my outfit around my shoes just to have a reason to wear that particular pair.

Ever since buying a pair of the most comfortable wedges ever from New Look I've had this thing about wedges wanting them in every style and every colour available. Impossible towards my funds I go for the most uniqe pair possible or ones that I know I can rock the best! = )

Asos ANGER leather lace up wedge boot £75.00  NOW £ 41.00

Now I've been after these boots for quite some time and while shopping through the clearance/sale came across the boots I've been dreaming of since I  saved them as a favourite on my internet browser task bar. Pay day is only a week and I had big plans to buy them, had 101 style ides of what Im going to wear them with, heck I was even gonna pack them in my suitcase for my holiday but in the size highlight only size 6 are left = (

So upset, maybe I should have bought them when I had the chance or maybe this is a sign that something else is just around the corner. A girl can never have too many shoes and those were ones to keep!!

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