Monday, 24 January 2011

On the way Out.....

Hey all just a quick post today. I’m off to see my gran as it is her birthday, so in the process of getting ready I decided why not show you all my outfit of the day. Today it’s nothing special as I don't really dress to impress every day. It’s quite a simple styling with a basic colour scheme considering I’m only wearing 2 colours today. The weather isn't looking to appealing either and I’ve seen a lot of updates on my blackberry with status's such as " So cold outside" which has helped shape the idea of what’s going to keep me warm as well as looking good for the day.
                             These are the Accessories of my outfit. (Told you I work around the shoes)

(Sorry, wasnt really a good idea black trousers on black rug)
And this is the main body of my outfit worn with a black strap top and a leopard print belt.............and combinding all together looks like....
 And to top it off my favourite leather jacket with studs from H&M and my Balenciaga bag.
So there you have it just a simple outfit of the day! 
= ) Simple yet stylish!

Love and Pink Kisses

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