Sunday, 25 December 2011

Oh my Hell Raisers...

Hey Hey My Beautiful people!!
It has been such a long time since I have bloged and boy has a lot happened in a few weeks or should I call it about a month.I've been working on a few projects aswell as getting a new job!! YAAAAAY!! lol so im going to kind of post thing backwards and also create pages for some of my projects!! Slowly but surely I'm going to get this blog back on track!

Anyway let me keep you up to date with my favourite buy of the month (well the shoes I've been living in for the past couple week) I was doing my usual blog read updates and came across the website UNIF where right now their new creation 'Hell Raisers' (shoes) had me wanting them as soon as I saw them...

Hell Raisers- UNIF $165

Soon went shopping and came across these beauties that are similar and reminded me so much of the raisers themselves, (So you know I had to buy them) Plus I had a Christmas voucher and thought why not must have...

Topshop £26 (I think...)

Love and Pink kisses

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