Monday, 30 January 2012

Happy New Year and all That...

Hey Hey Huns,
HAPPY NEW YEAR I guess since its been a while lol, I  hope you all had a wonderful new year and looking forward to any events and changes the year may bring be it good, And also I must say
HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to my blog! Its lasted a year and YES im back so I keep saying but I can give it a little more love and affection now I have a new Laptop!! YAAAAAAAY!!

Not much has been missed to be honest just a few outfits and so but nothing much that won't be seen later on in the year or soonish!! The latest look that I had wore was my denim dress! After a long week of night shifts at work and spending 2 days in bed recovering I needed to get out for some air before getting back into the routine of work so I flung on this denim dress I got in H&M ages ago in the sale and jazzed it up a little with shoe boots from Topshop and a necklace.....

Love and Pink Kisses

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